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HeatherMakes Embrace your creativeness

HeatherMakes Embrace your creativenessHeatherMakes Embrace your creativenessHeatherMakes Embrace your creativeness
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What is a Quilt Block?

Quilts are normally made by sewing quilt blocks, one block (section) sewn to another.  Traditionally quilts were made as a bed cover.  Since the quilts could be quite large they where made in smaller sections then joined together at the to produce the completed quilt. Hence the term Quilt Block being used.

Originally, quilts would be made from scraps of cloth or worn out clothing.  The main block used would have been made up using squares of fabric.

Today the quilt patterns have become much more complex and colourful. 

With the vast amount of quilt block patterns available for free or to buy, maybe design your own, you can put together a much more personalised quilt. 

I also enjoy sewing quilting using Jelly Rolls. These are just very long strips of fabric that are sewn together.  I have a photo in my gallery of one I made.  

The Quilt block in the picture above is called A log Cabin Quilt Block. 

The quilt block, which I made into a cushion cover is a Dresden Plate Quilt Block.  Just because it is a quilt block does not mean that you have to make a quilt with them!  

You can make quilt blocks into what ever you like.  there are not set sizes for the quilt blocks either.

I recently made some micromini quilts which can actually be used as coasters! yes, they are that small! 

Take a look at my quilting

I really do love to quilt