HeatherMakes Embrace your creativeness

HeatherMakes Embrace your creativeness

HeatherMakes Embrace your creativenessHeatherMakes Embrace your creativenessHeatherMakes Embrace your creativeness

My Makes

Making Your Own Clothes

Jumper and leggings made from cotton lycra.

I put off learning how to make clothes because I thought it looked too complicated.  Honestly, once you get to know the terminology used it is actually quite easy! 

Butterfly Hoodie and matching leggings

Butterfly hoodie and matching leggings for my daughter

I think Im safe to say that she likes them!

Lets go party

Party dress #HeatherMakes #sewing

Even if I do say so myself, I just love this dress!

Penguin Boy

Penguin Hoodie #HeatherMakes #sewing

My son just loves penguins, hence the name Penguin Boy

For me!

Hot Coffee Hoodie #mbjm #HeatherMakes #sewing

Finally I made something for me!

Unicorn Hoodie

French Terry unicorn hoodie #HeatherMakes #MBJM #hotcoffee #unicorn #sewing

The gorgeous unicorn hoodie was a gift for my sons friend! She loves it! Made from French Terry,  its lightweight yet snuggly!

Toy Story Clothing

Toy Story clothings. Toy Story leggings and jumper

I made these lovely leggings and jumper for my Grandaughter. 

Making your own clothes is easy, believe it or not ... but it really is!

The Seamstress

New love for sewing

Dressmaking has opened new doors for me! Changed the way I sew and most of all, I learnt how to sew on a variety of fabrics rather than just cotton.


Take a look at my HeatherMakes Facebook Page. Sewing clothes and memory bears, cushions, quilts and much more ... is what I do!

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