HeatherMakes Embrace your creativeness

HeatherMakes Embrace your creativeness

HeatherMakes Embrace your creativenessHeatherMakes Embrace your creativenessHeatherMakes Embrace your creativeness
I make a variety of sewn items. My speciality are #MemoryBears and Quilts

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About HeatherMakes

Sewing teaching learning #HeatherMakes sewing out doors craft centre An Cregan #sewing #handmade

About me

I was shown how to use a sewing machine a few years ago.  Since then I have taught myself to make and create a variety of products. Handmade is what I do.

What I Sew

Memory bears made from school uniform #memorybears #memories #schooluniform #HeatherMakes

Memory bears

These can be made from loved ones clothing. Or from clothing and blankets (anything really) that has sentimental value. Handmade sewing is my craft


Be Creative!

I am a maker and artist with needle and thread.  Sewing away on my sewing machine is what I do here at HeatherMakes 

Be Creative

A basket of cats and dogs

Cats and dogs #handmade #sewing #blogger

Handmade stuffed cats and dogs by #HeatherMakes 

My Prize Winning Quilt


Childs Messenger Bag

Childs Messenger Bag

Mr Snake


Mystery Quilt sewn by me!

#quilting #HeatherMakes #cottoncuts #quilte #sewing #handmade

Mystery Quilt is a quilt thats sent over 9 months then the 10th month is the instructions on how to sew it together! I love participating in the mystery quilts from Cotton Cuts

Lambkins the Lamb

Lambkins the Lamb.  Funky Friends Factory pattern #HeatherMakes #sewing #handmade  #blogger

A gorgeous cuddley toy made from soft fleece fabric.


Gorgeous fabrics and makes

Sewing lessons :-

Individual or Groups 

Community Sewing Clubs

Community Sewing lessons

Memory Bears

Memory  Cushions

Memory Quilts 

Stuffed Animals 

(The list is endless!!)

Memory Bears that are handmade. #memorybears #memories

A Special Bear

Memory Bears are a wonderful keepsake

Sewing Memory Bears which become bespoke handmade keepsakes which are made from cherished clothing or blankets that belong to yourself, a child or to a lost loved one.   

These bears are unique to yourself and family.  Over time they become a treasured heirloom.

Felt #softie #sewasoftie Mr Egg
Created by #HeatherMakes

Mr Egg

Sewn softie

I designed Mr Egg

Cara sewing

Check out this great video