#HeatherMakes sewing on my sewing machine is what I do best!

Memory bears made from school uniform
Memory Bears that are handmade. #memorybears #memories

A Special Bear

Memory Bears are a wonderful keepsake

Sewing Memory Bears which become bespoke handmade keepsakes which are made from cherished clothing or blankets that belong to yourself, a child or to a lost loved one.   

These bears are unique to yourself and family.  Over time they become a treasured heirloom.

About HeatherMakes

About me

Sewing teaching learning #HeatherMakes sewing out doors craft centre An Cregan

I was shown how to use a sewing machine a few years ago.  Since then I have taught myself to make and create a variety of products. Handmade is what I do.

What I Sew

Memory bears


These can be made from loved ones clothing. Or from clothing and blankets (anything really) that has sentimental value. Handmade sewing is my craft

Be Creative!


I am a maker and artist with needle and thread.  Sewing away on my sewing machine is what I do here at HeatherMakes 

Be Creative

Watermelon Tote Bag and Zippered Pouch


My Prize Winning Quilt


Watermelon Roll


Mr Snake


Space owl


Memory Bears and an owl


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Handmade Toy Snake!

This was a fun make! My kiddies loved the snake so much so that I 'had' to make a few more!! This one just hangs around the neck of my mannequin!  

Cara sewing

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